Link: Die Zukunft des Webs ist überall.

Heute mal ein kleiner Linktipp zum lesen. Ein sehr spannender Artikel von Christopher Butler über Zukunftstrends im Internet –
und somit auch bei uns.

Sehr spannend finde ich das ubiquity genannte Programm von Mozilla, welches per ALT+SPACE eine Texteingabe öffnet in welche definierbare Befehle getippt werden können und sozusagen, auf die schnelle nebenbei bearbeitet werden! Funktioniert leider noch nicht so hundertprozentig.
Aber ich glaube da geht noch was.

Der Artikel ist veröffentlich unter „Inspiration“ beim Smashing Magazine. Und inspirierend finde ich kann man ihn gut und gerne nennen.

Holistic Web Browsing: Trends Of The Future

The future of the Web is everywhere. The future of the Web is not at your desk. It’s not necessarily in your pocket, either. It’s everywhere. With each new technological innovation, we continue to become more and more immersed in the Web, connecting the ever-growing layer of information in the virtual world to the real one around us. But rather than get starry-eyed with utopian wonder about this bright future ahead, we should soberly anticipate the massive amount of planning and design work it will require of designers, developers and others.

The gap between technological innovation and its integration in our daily lives is shrinking at a rate much faster than we can keep pace with—consider the number of unique Web applications you signed up for in the past year alone. This has resulted in a very fragmented experience of the Web. While running several different browsers, with all sorts of plug-ins, you might also be running multiple standalone applications to manage feeds, social media accounts and music playlists.

Even though we may be adept at switching from one tab or window to another, we should be working towards a more holistic Web experience, one that seamlessly integrates all of the functionality we need in the simplest and most contextual way. With this in mind, let’s review four trends that designers and developers would be wise to observe and integrate into their work so as to pave the way for a more holistic Web browsing experience:

  1. The browser as operating system,
  2. Functionally-limited mobile applications,
  3. Web-enhanced devices,
  4. Personalization.

Dies war nur der Eingangstext, den gesamten Artikel gibt es dann HIER in der Originalquelle.


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